Sharp Power and Academic: Global Perspectives and American Scenarios

Maria Isabel Puerta Riera ( Moderador )


María Isabel Puerta: Welcome to this final panel on Shark Power and Academy Global Perspectives and American Scenarios. Today we have our third and final panel. It’s called Influential Autocracies in Open Societies. Today we have the great pleasure of welcoming Thomas Kent who is the former director of Radio Free Europe. He is an expert on Russian politics and Russian influence on media. We also have Juan Pablo Cardenal who is associate researcher at CADAL. Also, with us, is Orçun Selçuk, who is visiting assistant professor at Luther College in Iowa, he is an expert on polarizing populism and Turkey and Latin America are some of his research interests. And to complete this panel is Moisés Garduño García, professor at UNAM in Mexico and an expert on Iranian politics. This is our final panel on Shark Power and Academy.We are really interested in having this conversation. Each one of our speakers will have between 15 and 20 minutes. After all these presentations, we will have a Q&A part, and we are going to keep a close eye on the chat box for any of your questions. So, without anything else, let’s just begin. We’re going to start with Thomas Kent.


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